Here’s to Strong Women

People think they know what it’s like to be in the Army.  Most people think that every day involves some combination of marching, shooting, running and being shouted at.  Now some people’s days may be like that, but for the majority that’s just not the case!

Since the Army has opened up all roles to women there seems to be an overwhelming narrative of the physically strong women who are able to not only match “the men”, but beat them. These women should absolutely be commended, but physical strength is not the only way for women to be strong.

The Army needs people who are smart and brave, not just physically but mentally and morally. It needs people who stand up and say when something is wrong. It needs people who can write and crack codes, build bridges or take creative approaches to battlefield strategy. The Army needs artistic and technical minds.

Almost 5 years on from first arriving at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst we thought it fitting to pay tribute to the individual journeys that we, the ladies from 10 Platoon Somme Company, have been on since that day.

Some are still serving, some are not. Between us we have wives, mothers (to babies and fur-babies), adventurers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, sports champions, record-breakers, peace-keepers and warriors.  

The Army isn’t for everyone. So this series of personal stories isn’t intended to make you want to join. We want to show that there are numerous different versions of “inspiring”, “successful” and “brave”. And sometimes the moments that seem “ordinary” are in fact the most special of all.