“The army was a great period in my life and has given me the tools and the confidence to go on and start the next chapter.”

People often think that when you join the Army it needs to be forever….it doesn’t! No matter how long you serve for, the Army can still help to develop you as an individual and give you access to opportunities you may never have experienced otherwise.

Here is just one example from Vicky Warren who served in the Royal Engineers:

I have just left the army after a short but jam-packed four and a half years serving.

I progressed through three different jobs during my time, from Troop Command to Squadron Second in Command. Writing these jobs up on my CV highlighted to me what fantastic management experience we get as junior officers, and what a great position it leaves us in.

I’ve also deployed twice, once to manage a construction project in the Falklands and once to work with the UN in Somalia. This was a dream for me, as I joined the army because I believe the peacebuilding work it does is vitally important. What’s more, it has given me the perfect experience for my future career in the charity sector.

Thanks to the army, I also achieved my ambition of learning to skydive through a couple of fantastic expeditions in California and Florida. Having got a taste of freefall, I’ve pushed it to the next step and discovered BASE jumping. It’s amazing how something that would have seemed crazy 5 years ago feels normal now! 

Since leaving, I’ve taken 8 months off for a complete change from the army lifestyle. I started off by eloping to Costa Rica where I got married under a waterfall, then enjoying a very extended honeymoon to backpack through South America with no structure and no responsibilities. The army was a great period in my life and has given me the tools and the confidence to go on and start the next chapter.

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