Missing: Positive Pants

I always wanted BrAIN to be a place for positivity; a source of inspiration for those who were fighting the system from the inside to create positive change…

…but I’m not feeling particularly positive right now.

I think I lost my positive pants in the drying room about 6 months ago but they’ve been gradually wearing away over the last 2 years if I’m honest.

So why do I say this? Because although I wanted BrAIN to be a place for inspiration, I also wanted this to be a place where people could be their whole real authentic selves.

So although this isn’t a positive inspiring message, I wonder if sharing how I’ve gone from a positive “we can change the world, or at least the Army” type of person to someone who struggles to walk into work might help someone out there who is also struggling in their own way.

As with all good stories I’ll start at the beginning…

NEXT= BrAIN Story: Chapter 1


2 thoughts

  1. The Army is slow at change and although you may think the input you have is falling on deaf ears. It is not. Just look at the position of women in the Army now. I’m afraid you’ll always have those who ‘brown nose’ and will agree with everything just for thier own career. I’ve been associated with the Army for many years and yes at times I think I should not have expressed my views. My expression stopped my early commission which now has had an impact. But do you know what … A little sacrifice of my career for the positive impact of others gives me far more satisfaction and a good feeling. People like you are doing good for the Armed Forces. Keep these posts and if you feel the Army aren’t listening then plenty of companies in Civvy street would love your skill set. You are right there comes a time when you have to reassess your life. Remember you only have one life.


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