The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum is a not-for-profit network of emerging defense leaders, civilian innovators, and social entrepreneurs—representing the full spectrum of industries, and backgrounds, ranks, and specialties—who promote a culture of innovation and act upon transformational ideas that address national security challenges and improve how the U.S. military defends the country and promotes stability around the globe.

What is DEF’s goal?

We believe that the complexity of national security necessitates Defense professionals with innovative solutions. We believe that great ideas do not depend on rank and that creative problem solving cannot be developed rapidly. Today’s junior and mid-grade Defense professionals will be the future military leadership of this country.

Inspire: By attracting diverse, passionate, and innovative individuals, DEF inspires individuals through a community of like-minded national security innovators.
Connect: In person and virtually, DEF is a network that connects innovative thinkers who seek to improve on the status quo and educates them on how to do this.
Empower: Through a variety of methods–from idea generation to senior-leader engagement–DEF empowers junior leaders to be change agents in national security.


DEF UK is DEF’s first international chapter. It was launched in 2015 with the following mission: identify and engage a network of disruptive thinkers within the officer corps in order to develop bottom-up ideas that will improve delivery of defense. Although DEF UK is independent of the British military, it is hoped that the creation of a marketplace of ideas will improve how the military operates. The primary vehicle for DEF UK is informal meetings in which iconoclastic officers come together to debate, learn, network and have fun. These can either be small DEF agoras, which are generally evening meetings, or longer format DEFx conferences.

Why have BrAIN if DEF UK already exists?

BrAIN is designed to take the innovative spirit of DEF and embed it within the British Army.  There are going to be some issues that people want to discuss which may be specific to one of the services and therefore BrAIN offers a forum which can facilitate internal army discussions and/or provide opportunities to link to those outside of the service for a different perspective.  DEF and BrAIN are designed to link and work together, they are not in competition.

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