The BrAIN has 3 key elements:


BrAINcells are groups of people that meet in person. BrAINcell meetings might be organised to discuss a certain theme or topic, they may involve a hands-on workshop or listening to a speaker, or they may be an informal get-together with whoever is free just to have a catch up, or a bit of a rant, over some food.

BrAINcells are run by volunteers known as BrAINcell Co-ordinators.
We currently have BrAINcell Co-ordinators for:


If you would like to volunteer as a BrAINcell Co-ordinator, please apply here.


BrAINstorms are specifically centred on solving a problem or developing an idea. In order to ensure these events are productive, these sessions will be facilitated by a member who is familiar with design thinking and human-centred problem-solving methods. These events may be open to anyone in the BrAIN network or they may be opened to a particular audience (for example Army or military only). This will be managed between the BrAIN committee and the person with the idea.

BrAINstorms may run as a single event or as a string of events focused on the same problem. If you have an idea that needs some refining or development, please email to set up a BrAINstorm for your idea.

The BrAINstem

The BrAINstem is a board of senior leaders who volunteer their time and expertise to BrAIN. This may be as a voice for the area they work in, as a judge for BrAINstorm outputs or just as a senior advocate of BrAIN and its ethos.

The BrAINstem do not need to be members of the British Army. Anyone who considers themselves a senior leader in their field who supports the ethos of BrAIN may apply to the BrAINstem.