The British Army Intrapreneurs’ Network (BrAIN) aims to:

INSPIRE people to question the status quo in order to ensure the British Army continues to evolve and be the best it can be. If we do not question then we will not improve.

CONNECT people inside and outside of the organisation who are passionate about the future of the British Army. We believe people are at the heart of innovation.

EMPOWER individuals inside the organisation to create positive change from whatever their position or rank. Changing your own behaviour could be the start of something bigger.

This website is mostly for information purposes. The real power of the BrAIN is in meeting people. If you are interested in meeting up with other people who share your passion, please sign up and join your local BrAINcell.  If there isn’t one in your area and you would like to set one up, please email kirsty@brainarmy.