Am I an Intrapreneur?

An intrapreneur is someone who thinks and behaves like an entrepreneur but within an organisation. They are passionate individuals who create change and want to make a difference from inside organisations. They are the people who see how things could be better and work to be part of that change. Sound like you? Sign up to the BrAIN to meet others who think like you!

What We Do


BrAIN aims to INSPIRE people to question the status quo in order to ensure the British Army continues to evolve and be the best it can be.


BrAIN aims to CONNECT people inside and outside of the organisation who are passionate about the future of UK Defence.
We connect people with ideas with those able to change policy.


BrAIN aims to EMPOWER individuals to make a difference.
Rank does not dictate your ability to create change.

Are you ready to be part of the change?



The British Army may be an organisation that values
tradition but that does not mean it is not willing to change.  If things can be done better we need you to say so.


Do you find yourself frustrated at the system?  Do you want to be part of making things better?  We need you to bring your passion to discussions.  Whatever you are interested in, you will find others who share your passion.


Knowledge is not dictated by rank, and nor are our discussions.  Perhaps you spend your free time reading about the latest drone technology, maybe you’re a doctrine lover or perhaps you enjoy watching documentaries about humanitarian aid.  Whatever you enjoy, we need you to share your knowledge with others.

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